Swellendam R62 Barrydale Karoo
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Swellendam nestles in the embrace of the Langeberg Mountains and the Breede River, located within 40 minutes' drive from almost all the other 6 towns in the Greater Swellendam area. A visit to Swellendam can include a wine tour or hiking & mountain bikingfine dining or tasting  the local Wildebraam Berry Liqueur. You can travel back in time at the Drostdy, or meet a Faerie at Saluna's Sanctuary. Day trips can include Proteas, Whales or milkshakes in the Klein Karoo

Swellendam is the third oldest town in South Africa, situated in the Western Cape province approximately 220 km from both Cape Town and George. 


So if you are here for adventure or just to relax and enjoy the hospitality in this farming community, you are sure to understand why travelers from all over the world have ended up never leaving Swellendam.


This is your guide to the historic and vibrant agricultural community of Swellendam. And who better to guide you than a local. This site is made possible and inspired through the contributions of talented people living in this community, each one believing that they are living the Good Life in Swellendam.  

So if you are a curious explorer searching for your own definition of the good life, we hope that this site will help you on that journey. 

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