Coronation Double Century

2016 Double Century

This was the planned route for the 2016 Coronation Double Century.

Remember that even though the biggest climb is at Op de Tradouw (60km) the race is far from over. Up until the neutral zone in Montagu you should feel like you are going too easy. If you are feeling good - slow down. The race will start being tough at Van Loveren (140km) and by the time you get to the Drew feeding zone (180km) the group will be silent with very few jokes being appreciated. And then you will meet "the three sisters" - hills that will feel worse than Suikerbossie, because of your tired legs. And to top it all off you will finish with a uphill. Good Luck!


How to use Google Maps as route guide:

1. Switch on the GPS on your device or mobile.

2. Open 

3. Select the route link provided on the site that you want to use.

4. The route will open in Google Maps. Your location is the blue dot.

* Your device might ask you what app to use - choose Google Maps.

How to export a KML file from Google Maps to your computer:

1. Open the route in Google Maps.

2. On the left is a bar with the title of the map and the different route elements.

   There are 3 vertical white dots. Right click on the dots to display the menu.

3. Choose "Download KML".

How to open a KML file in Google Earth:

1. Right click on the KML file you just downloaded from Google Maps.

2. Choose "open with" and select Google Earth.


1. Open Google Earth.

2. Click on "File" in the top left corner.

3. Select "Open".

4. Select the KML file you want to open.

How to display a route profile in Google Earth:

1. Open the route in Google Earth.

2. Right click on the route (on the map) to display the menu.

3. Select "Show Elevation Profile".

* Sometimes you have to move around on the route so it can "gather" more info and make the route

  profile display more accurate. If this does not make sense - just do it. You will understand then.

* All info is displayed in the top left corner of the elevation profile. You can select sections of the route.

How to open a route in Strava:

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How to export a route from Strava: 

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3. Choose the "Export" option just above the route layout (as shown below).

4. Save the GPX or TCX file to your computer

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