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The main aim with this website/blog:

To make The Good Life in Swellendam more accessible to locals and non-locals.

The things my family and I get to do in the Swellendam area, makes me feel like we're living The Good Life. This is however only my opinion and not a fact. So if you like the stuff I post on Facebook, or the photos below, don't miss out on the great things to be enjoyed in Swellendam and the surrounding area. 

My name is Sakkie and I am a farmer in Swellendam, South Africa. I live on our farm with my wife, Corlia, and our two boys.


I was born on the farm, went to the local schools and studied at the University of Stellenbosch. For four years I worked as an engineer, before I returned to Swellendam. I am currently farming with my parents. I have two brothers.


I started building this site in Aug 2015 because I wanted to share my love for Swellendam and its people.


In Outliers, Malcolm Gladwell writes that studies indicate a person becomes an expert at a skill after spending 10,000 dedicated hours at it. That is about the time it would take an engineer to register as a professional engineer.


Seeing as I have been a Swellendam Local since 1980, I guess that makes me a professional Local.

So let me be your guide to The Good Life in Swellendam. According to a Local.

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The Good Life in Swellendam

The photos I use on this website are not all my own. If there is a bicycle on the photo - it is probably my photo. At the start most of the amazing photos I used, I got from Bruce and Alex at atelier. A picture is worth a thousand words and these guys have written volumes. Since then the group constantly providing good content or inspiring content has grown.

Meet the  other Locals.


* No income is generated from my blog of Facebook "The Good Life in Swellendam". What you see there, is what I like to do, am doing or would like to do, in a town that I love.


I always refer to the owners of anything I feature.

However, if you have a problem with your work appearing here let me know and I will remove it.


I do not accept sponsored posts.

Everything I write in my blogs of Facebook (The Good Life in Swellendam) is done in my own plattelandse Afrikaans/English way. I will only write about things that I love and would like others to enjoy as well. I generate no income from these.


So if you read something in my blog or on Facebook, you can rest assured that it is a true reflection of my personal experience and not something that I was paid to write. 

If you have any questions on "The Good Life": visitswellendam@gmail.com

Swellendam Tourism Website

After being asked to do so in Dec 2016, I redesigned this site to accommodate the whole Swellendam Municipal Area which includes the 7 towns of Swellendam, Barrydale, Suurbraak, Buffeljagsrivier, Malgas, Infanta and Stormsvlei.

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