A Local

The main aim with this website/blog:
To make The Good Life in Swellendam more accessible to locals and non-locals.

The things my family and I get to do in the Swellendam area, makes me feel like we're living The Good Life. This is however only my opinion and not a fact. So if you like the photos below, don't miss out on the great things to be enjoyed in Swellendam and the surrounding area. 

My name is Sakkie and I am a farmer in Swellendam, South Africa. I live on our farm with my wife, Corlia, and our two boys.
I was born on the farm, went to the local schools and studied at the University of Stellenbosch. For four years I worked as an engineer, before I returned to Swellendam. I am currently farming with my parents. I have two brothers.
I started building this site in Aug 2015 because I wanted to share my love for Swellendam and its people.
In Outliers, Malcolm Gladwell writes that studies indicate a person becomes an expert at a skill after spending 10,000 dedicated hours at it. That is about the time it would take an engineer to register as a professional engineer.
Seeing as I have been a Swellendam Local since 1980, I guess that makes me a professional Local.

So let me be your guide to The Good Life in Swellendam. According to a Local.

The photos I use on this website are not all my own. The group constantly providing good content or inspiring content has grown over the years. 

Meet the  other Locals.

I had a Facebook page called "The Good Life in Swellendam" with just over 4,500 followers. In March 2021 decided to join Swellendam Experience (run by Cathy & Fleur Van Eeden). After 5 years of posting photos & experiences on The Good Life in Swellendam Facebook Page I can confirm that the Swellendam Experience = The Good Life. So Visit Swellendam. And like a good friend always says - one night in Swellendam is not enough


I do not accept sponsored posts.

Everything I write in my website, blogs of Facebook is done in my own plattelandse Afrikaans/English way. I will only write about things that I love and would like others to enjoy as well. I generate no income from these.


So if you read something here, you can rest assured that it is a true reflection of my personal experience and not something that I was paid to write. 

Locals with positive vibes, creative ideas and passion for all things wonderful in Swellendam is what drives the effort that goes into this website.

No contracts, no obligations. And when I say "Swellendam" that includes Barrydale, Suurbraak, Buffeljagsrivier and Malgas.


* No income is generated from this website. What you see, is what I like to do, am doing or would like to do, in a town that I love.