Overberg 100 Miler

Mountain Bike Adventure

Race date: Saturday, 18 July 2020
100 Mile (160km) | 2200m climb ; 60 Mile (98km) | 1000m climb; 25 Mile (40km)
Start Times:
100 Mile | 07:00 ; 60 Mile | 07:30 ; 25 Mile | 08:00
Start & Finish & Registration: Swellendam Showgrounds
Official Website: Website
Facebook: Link

Friday, 19 July 14:00-21:00
Saturday, 20 July 05:00 – 07:00
Team Info: This event supports team entries for 100 Miler Entries. Team sizes range from 2 - 4 participants per team.
Enter: Link
Neutral Zone: At the Malgas Waterpoint you will enter a neutral zone (time stops) and you have 45 minutes to grab lunch and cross the Breede River on the Ferry. Note: the time passes faster than you might think, so get on the first ferry crossing you can get, otherwise you might miss the boat and loose time.
More Info: 

Fast rolling hills through the magnificent rolling foothills of the Overberg this will be an adventure to remember/ Ride through the beautifully blooming yellow Canola Fields around Potberg through Cape Nature reserve. You will meet your supporter vehicle or support box at Malgas as a big waterpoint-neutral zone, where you’ll have 45 minutes to refresh and cross the majestic Breede river on the only hand driven Ferry in South Africa. With about 1900m of climbing over 100 miles, this fast pace race will really test your endurance. For the not so fit there will be a ‘Chicken run’ of 90km with 1000m ascent and 40km through Bontebok Park.

Frequintly asked questions: 

1. What is the minimum age?
100 Miler – 18 years
60 Miler – 18 Years
25 Miler – 14 years

2. How do I enter?
Online entries are open!
Enter online:
Entries close on the Portal on Thursday 19 July 2018 Midnight.

3. Who can enter?
Anybody who is of the minimum age for the event category, who can ride a bicycle and is fit, can
participate. If you are unsure of your fitness levels or medical status, please consult with your doctor first.
The shorter route is suitable for the less fit with not much climbing to do.

4. What are the entry fees & Timing?
Please note that Petrichor Adventures is not yet VAT registered, and therefore do not charge 15% VAT.
Entry format will be SOLO, Team of 2, Team of 3, and Team of 4
 100Miler - Solo = R650pp
 - Team member = R600pp
 60Miler - Solo = R550pp
 - Team Member = R475pp
 25 Miler - Solo = R300pp
 - Team Member = 250pp
Please note you will receive a Jumpertrax race number-board with a timing chip on the board at
registration. Please make sure that you fasten this board to the front of you bicycle handlebars, in such a way that the number is clear and visible. This board comes at no extra cost, and must be removed and returned at the finish line.

5. Can I ride with somebody else’s race number?
No. Any participant found to be riding with somebody else’s race number board may face disqualification and/or a 1-year ban.
The reason for the strict enforcement of this rule is because of personal and medical details that are
linked to the race number, in case of an emergency.

6. What if I entered but cannot take part?
If you cannot take part, or a substitution cannot be done, entry fees may be refunded, subject to terms and conditions. This will be done at an admin fee cost. Teams can also cancel team members on the portal if team members cannot ride anymore.
Please note: Your entry cannot be transferred to another event date. You can also race admin at or
Please see substitution details below.
Online substitution must be done before entries close on the Portal on Thursday 19 July 2018 Midnight.
Subs can also be done at registration.

7. How can I downgrade or upgrade to another distance that I’ve entered for?
 Please adjust your entry on the entry portal - an admin fee will apply BEFORE Wednesday 18 July.
 Thereafter changes will ONLY be accepted at registration, where an admin fee will still apply.

8. How do I collect my merchandise that I ordered if I am no longer able to go to the Registration?
You can ask someone else that is attending to collect your T-Shirt on your behalf, on the condition that they have your express written permission. They must then sign for receipt of your merchandise.

9. What if our whole team does not finish the race for whatever reason.
All riders that finish will qualify for a finishers time, a finishers medal and a finishers hamburger. If you started as a team you will need to finish as a team to qualify for podium prices and to be recognised as a finishing team. Otherwise you will only receive individual times.
Teams will need to stay within 2 minutes at all timing checkpoints. If not so it may lead to disqualification as a team.

10. What do I wear & is it safe to leave valuables in my vehicle?
Helmets – Helmets are compulsory. We recommend polystyrene helmets complying with ANSI Z90/4 or SNELL standards.
Clothing – Cycling shoes, shorts and jerseys are also recommended for your safety and convenience but you can wear what you like.
We kindly recommend not to leave valuables in your vehicle if possible. However safe parking will be provided on the showgrounds on race morning with security moving around.

11. How can I confirm the status of my entry?
If you entered online, Entryninja or Jumpertrax will send you a confirmation of entry within a week after the entry and payment has been recieved.

12. Is there any seeding groups?
No seeding groups will be allocated. The first 5km of the race is a Neutral zone on the N2 at Swellendam, escorted by national traffic Police. Please move forward in this Neutral zone after starting if you are a racing snake.

13. Where do I collect my Race number, goodie bag and the merchandise that I have ordered?
You will collect it at registration – please see venue & dates below

Friday, 19 July (Swellendam Showgrounds):
Saturday, 20 July (Swellendam Showgrounds):
05:00 – 07:00

14. How will I be timed?
You will receive a Jumpertrax race number board at registration. Please make sure that this number
board is properly fastened to your handlebars with the provided cable ties, and that it is fitted in such a way that the number is clearly visible to the front. This is also you timing chip for the day. Please make sure this is handed in at the finish.
The most important thing to remember is to wear your race board on race day! It is much more than a timing instrument, it is also a vital tool that gives us access to your personal and medical details in case of an emergency.



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