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The Barrydale region has a long history of brandy making and Barrydale Cellar has built on this to become one of South Africa's top pot still brandy producers, competing with - and beating - international brands at international level. But there is more than brandy to the cellar. The Barrydale range of wines carries the name of the country's smallest region of origin, Tradouw. Grapes for the range are grown on a mere 15km x 3km strech, a unique, fruitful pocket in the breath-taking Langeberg Mountains where vines flourish naturally. The result is a taste that is undeniably Barrydale.


The Cellar Restaurant is located at Barrydale Cellar, in Barrydale. This makes it the perfect spot to get something to eat and include a brandy, wine or craft beer tasting.


The Cellar Restaurant compliment the cellars craft with an enriched food and hospitality experience in their sleek and modern restaurant setting. Set in the old brandy aging cellar, the restaurant allows for comfortable luncheons & private functions, enough grass area for kids to play and a river stream to cool off next to. Inside the restaurant there is a designated area for children, with glass wall for parents to keep an eye.

Their signature dishes are their wood-fired pizzas, but guests can also enjoy fresh salads or charcuterie boards with local cheeses and cold meats cured in Barrydale by our local charcuteur. Their Southern Cape Vineyard wines are sold at Cellar price, allowing a value for money outing. 

Most weekends they have live music, allowing you and your family to relax and enjoy an extended lunch. 

Tastings on offer:
1) Joseph Barry VS & VSOP, Ladysmith 8 year & Oude Molen 5 year

2) Southern Cape Vineyards Sauvignon Blanc, Chenin Blanc, Chardonnay, Shiraz & Ruby/Merlot blend
3) Lady Lager & Barry Ale


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