The Herb Cafe

at Bella Donna Nursery

Herb Cafe is all about the food, the fresher and tastier the better.


Luckily for you Christiane Dreismann gets to live out her passion for serving fabulous food. She uses recipes handed down from her German mother but adds to this a modern twist and a sprinkling of love. Her menu is different every day and is based on what fresh produce is available. Locals become regulars enjoying their daily energy boost in these gorgeous surroundings. Visitors love to taste the locally sourced food and to hear the stories behind the food. The bread is freshly baked daily by Yvette and Marietjie of Song of Wheat. The Herb cafe is very much in line with modern day tastes and healthy options. Really what more could one want? 


From here you can also visit Mayville Rose Garden which has a range of heritage roses.



Mon to Fri: 10am - 3pm

Sat: At Under the Oaks Market



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