The Locals

Positive vibes, creative ideas and passion for all things wonderful in Swellendam are what makes this site possible and these are the guys that produce or inspire most of the content.


The main aim of this site is to ensure that visitors experience the good life in the Swellendam area, which includes Barrydale, Suurbraak, Buffeljagsrivier, Malgas, Infanta and Stormsvlei.


How can you help us?

1) Let Sakkie know when your listing info needs to be update or changed.

2) Contact any of the locals below if you want to generate content to promote your establishment. You can cover their costs or propose a trade agreement.

3) If you add great photos on your Facebook or site - let Sakkie know -  


Occupation: Dairy farmer, Founder & Editor of this site .

Loves: Mountain biking, chocolate milk, family.

More info:  Link

Bruce Flyinghorse

Occupation: Photographer & Graphic designer

Loves: The mountain, great coffee, family, gardening.



Occupation: Reverend at Anglican Church Railton

Loves: Hiking and Cycling with friends and family, organising community Concerts.

Facebook:  Link


Occupation: Artist, Poet, Voice of the voiceless

Loves: Tattoos, Coaching kids in Sport and Art and the Khoisan.


Donovan Julius contemporary Arts

Cell: 061 834 6189


Occupation: Filming promos & documentaries, Swellendam Tourism Social Media.

Loves: Aerial drone photography.

Contact: Facebook


Occupation: Petrichor Adventures & Around the Pot 100Miler founder, Flora Jubilee

Loves: Mountain Bike, Family, Camping, Adventure, sitting in Sakkie's Slip.

Contact: Petrichor Adventures


Occupation: Celebrity & Petrichor Adventures

Loves: Swellendam, Running in the Mountain, Friends, Mom, setting herself on fire, ikigai, horses.


Occupation: Manager at Southern View Nature Tours

Loves: Showing tourists all the beautiful places around Swellendam.

Contact: 083 346 8652


Occupation: Builder (both houses and characters).

Loves: Teaching young and old how to play musical instruments. Involved with the Progress Christmas Band. 

Contact: 082 956 9459


Occupation: Gadgets, drone photography.

Loves: Ferrari, Yamaha, Playstation, Star Wars, cats (not the musical), braaing, family.



Occupation: Photographer 

Loves: Family, weddings and taking beautiful photos.

Contact: Elana van Zyl Photography

Uncle Pietie

Occupation: Gardener, getting people to smile.

Loves: Smiling, talking to everyone and designing, creating and running gardens. He sells veg, potting soil and compost from his garden just down the road from Checkers. link


Occupation: Swellengram

Loves: Wine & learning new Afrikaans words.

Contact: Miss Gram


Occupation: Artist

Loves: Foxes, Hiking, Espresso, Masbiekerskloof, any good cause - especially planting trees.



Occupation: Works at Clock Peaks Coffee

Loves: Smiling, Grinding Coffee, making the perfect Cappuccino, hiking Twaalfuurkop.



Occupation: Queen of Soap (Rain - created for living)

Loves: Travelling with George.


Occupation: Nurse & Tourist Guide

Loves: Climbing high mountains all around the world & taking young and old to hike in Marloth Nature Reserve.


Occupation: Pastor

Loves: Trees, History, Travelling, family and taking new Swellendam Pastors to hike Twaalfuurkop.

Jacques Marais

Occupation: Professional photographer and author, being "Die Oom" and an honorary Local.

Loves: Being one of the best outdoor adventure photographers in South Africa, staying at Strawberry Hill Farm Cottages, Surfing, having fun.


Jason & Sam

Occupation: Clerk/Supply Chain at Swellendam Municipality & law clerk and very involved with their Church and Community.

Loves: The Youth of Swellendam, Community, Church, Theater, Singing, preaching.

Contact: Facebook

Meisie Bokwana

Occupation: Cultural Tours in Railton

Loves: Teaching kids to dance, keeping kids out of trouble and sharing her rich culture.

Contact: Website Link

Mobile: 081 001 2822


Occupation: Magpie Art Collective

Loves: Creating beautiful art, Chandeliers, Peace Doves, Barrydale, Community, laughing & making jokes.

Contact: Magpie Art Collective


Occupation: Photographer & Photography Workshops.

Loves: Taking photos, hiking, family.

Contact: Henk Venter Photography


Occupation: Graphic Designer

Loves: Long walks on the beach & hiking in Marloth Nature Reserve.



Occupation: Hermitage Huisies and Nyama Catering in the UK.

Loves: To Braai, coaching the local primary school rugby team, his family, Black Label, Table Tennis, gourmet pancakes, mountain biking and cultivating his mustache. 


Occupation: Manages Grootvadersbosch Conservancy and Mountain Bike trails, Strawberry Hill Farm cottages, Organises the Silver Mountain Music Festival

Loves: Alien clearing, building mountain biking trails, camping in the mountain.

Contact: 079 335 0269


Occupation: Photographer 

Loves: Family, soccer, Portugal, his dog.

Contact: CFJ Photography