The Dipka Slaglam Prettrap is a highlight for the locals. This event uses routes between farms in the farming community called Dipka. The name is derived from Khoi and means 'brackish river'. Diptka is an older spelling. 
Want to win a sheep?  Apart from the great atmosphere you stand the chance to win one of 16 free range "halwe slaglammer" prizes (half a slaughtered lamb) either as a race winner prize or in the lucky draw. Please note - the meat will already be neatly packaged and frozen in a box courtesy of Hessequa Abattoir for your convenience. Prepare to be amazed by what this unique and small yet vibrant community has to offer to you.
From Swellendam it is 31 km's drive which will take about 26 minutes.
Event Date:
Saturday 3 Aug 2019

Mountain bike (mostly dubble track with a few kilometers single track):
7:30am | 80km 
8:30am | 50km 
9:00am | 30km 
11:00am | 10km 

8:00am | 21km 
11:00 am | 10km 

* Inskrywings hier of 30minute voor wegspring op terrein.
* Die 10km fietsry en hardloop spring saam weg en gebruik dieselfde roete.

Dipka Slaglam

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