Epic Routes

Are you training for a race like the Trans Baviaans or just looking for an Epic adventure? Then Swellendam is the perfect place to start your journey. The network of dirt roads being used by local mountain bikers are endless and have resulted in great Absa Cape Epic, Attakwas and Trans Baviaans results.


With the cost of stage races and difficulty to get an entry, you might want to build your own personalised stage race, the benefit being that you can decide the distance travelled each day, how many days and the cost of accommodation. The relation between distance travelled and wine consumed will also differ from one rider to the next.


These routes are not marked and to know them, you need to know a local. If you cannot find a local to help, you can use these links on your smart phone. 


The needs and fitness of each rider are different, so make sure you take along enough water and energy on these trips. I usually estimate how long I will be riding and take along:

1 x 750m energy bottle per 2hours

1 x energy bar/hand full of raisons/toebroodjie/apple per 40minutes

Important:  Always be aware of traffic, especially when riding side-by-side and talking nonsense. These are public roads with fast moving traffic. Because there is not a lot of traffic you might start using the full width of the road - don't do this.

Swellendam Routes

These routes start and finish in Swellendam, Suurbraak or Buffeljags - so no pick-up needed. These are public roads so = no cost. Terrain includes rolling hills that are not technical. This is the type of riding you will do on the Karoo to Coast and Trans Baviaans. Speeds of 15-25km/h can be expected. Depending on your fitness, you can extend the provided route to another location. For instance switching Swellendam and Buffeljags will make a 2x8km = 16km difference. These are public gravel roads with small sections of tar road.

Swellendam to Still Bay Routes

These routes are one way, so someone needs to pick you up in Still Bay. Or you could travel to Still Bay on the one day and return on the next day. These are public gravel roads.

Training for the Absa Cape Epic

If you are looking for time in the saddle, the routes above are great training. If you like suffering you will love the Gysmanshoek and Barrydale options. But if you are used to suffering and looking for single track and switchback training you must go to Grootvadersbosch Conservancy. 

Other Mountain Bike Options in Swellendam: