Malgas Pont or Ferry

Currently the Ferry is being replaced and not operating - This is the last man powered ferry in South Africa. The Pont as it is called can carry up to three and sometimes four (small) vehicles and is pulled across the river by pleasant staff employed by the Swellendam Municipality. Different rates apply for different sized vehicles. Bicycles do not have a rate, but please tip the pleasant guys pulling you across.

This is something out of a story book. Before roads made travel from Cape Town easy, Malagas was an inland port for steamboats transporting provisions to the Swellendam area. The Breede river is navigable for around 50km inland to Malgas. That is why this was once an important trading port that served the whole area. When Malgas fell into disuse as a port, the authorities decided there wasn’t sufficient traffic to justify the building of a bridge. But the pont at Malgas lived on – a service begun in 1860 and still operating today. 

Children will love riding on the ferry. This ferry forms part of the route for the inaugural Around the Pot 100 miler Gravel/MTB race held in July.


The trip across takes about five minutes. Of course , if the ferry is on the other side when you arrive your crossing will take a bit longer. 


Open 7 days a week

Sunrise to Sunset

COST This may vairy, but should be betwen R50 - R100

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