Hiking in Suurbraak

Hiking - Suurbraak

Suurbraak: "Waterfall Capital of the Overberg". On the se trails you will be able to view the sensational Caledon Kloof with its Table Cliff and Lismore Waterfall. The area was inhabited by the Attequa Tribe of the Khoisan after they decided to settle because they had water, grazing and safety in the valley. It was on the main route of expeditionsand traders towards the Eastern Cape and inland. The beauty impressed those going past so much that they named it !Xhairu meaning Beautiful of Paradise.

Now you can explore this paradise along brand new hiking trails cleared and marked by Ernie Mellet (a local) and his team.

Hikers come here to ADMIRE AND PROTECT the entire environment, so please note:
No Fires
No Overnighting

Dog on leash is allowed.

Other Notes:
> All routes start and finish at Old Mission Church.

> Ask about permits at Paradise Organic.
> Routes are marked.
> Take your own water along.

> If you see a sign that looks like a triangle and two dots - it is the mountain biking route.

Mill Dam Route – 3km, 1.5hours (Grade 1)
Easy route for the not so fit and children past Dan’s Dam to the Blue Gum Forest and scenic Mill Dam where Suurbraak’s drinking water comes from – so DON’T SWIM IN THIS WATER, because people (maybe you a little later) have to drink it. Beautiful return route along river bank.
Cost: Free
Route Markings:  Yellow  up to Blue Gum Forest (the yellow markers go beyond the Blue Gum Forest for the

Pine Forest Route – do not follow, turn right and down onto the  Blue  route coming back to Suurbraak.



Piet-my-vrou – 6km, 2-3hours (Grade 2.5)
Very Popular! For average walkers’ enjoyment. Not too strenuous. Can be used for Team Building. Easier than the Pine Fores Route. Scenic.
Cost: R20 per person
Route Markings:  Green 


Pine Forest Route – 6km, 2-3hours (Grade 3)
For those a bit fitter and older children. Features as in Mill Dam Route. Pine Forest and Bottom Lookout Point with views over the village, Lismore Farm and up the Kloof. Bonus: 4 spotshad been cleared where groups (businesses, organisations, schools, churches, etc.) can do Team Building or training. 
Cost: R20 per person
Route Markings:  Yellow  up (past the Blue Gum forest) and
 Blue  coming down to Suurbraak.


Voorberg Waterfall Route – 11km, 6-8hours (Grade 3-3.5)
Challenging route with many “WOW” factors. Only for fit people, regular hikers and Hiking Clubs. Ever changing terrain and scenery. Voorberg Waterfall, overwhelming Voorberg Lookout Point down into Caledon Kloof with its indigenous forest, many waterfalls and views.
Cost: R30 per person
Route Markings: 


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