Heritage Buildings

In 1743 Swellendam was declared a magisterial district, the third oldest in South Africa. This outlying settlement soon became a gateway to the interior, and was visited by many famous explorers. 
Because of this Swellendam is rich in Historic Buildings and Heritage Sites. Here are a few of the Historic Buildings in the vicinity of the Drostdy and the Swellendam Tourism office.


Built: 1746 - 1747

Info: The residence and courthouse of the landrost. This thatched Cape Dutch building was initially T-shaped and faced downhill, over its extensive gardens towards the .....

Where: 2 Drostdy Street

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Old Gaol.jpg

Old Gaol

Built: 1755

Info: The gaol was built shortly after the Drostdy and was originally a simple, long building with lean-to cells at the rear. By 1790 the gaol was enlarged and again in 1813.....

Where: 22 Swellengrebel Street

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Drostdy Resttt.jpg


Built: 1757

Info: It was a three-roomed cottage existed from about 1757 and that it was altered in about 1769. This building is now the Drostdy Restaurant .....

Where: 28 Swellengrebel Street

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Mayville House 

Built: 1847

Info: The ground on which Mayville is situated was originally part of the Drostdy property before it was sold to the Cape government in 1846......

Where: 5 Hermanus Steyn Street

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Bukkenburg House.jpg

Bukkenburg House  

Built: 1880

Info: This late nineteenth century dwelling, with its predominantly Victorian features, is now owned by a local Potter....

Where: 8 Hermanus Steyn Street

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18 Swellengrebel Street.jpg

Swellengrebel Street

Built: 1865

Info: This house is a Georgian double-storeyed building with handsome cornices and stepped parapet. 

Where: 18 Swellengrebel Street

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Schoone Oordt.jpg

Schoone Oordt 

Built: 1853

Info: This double-storeyed house was built in the Cape Georgian style & victorianised in the late-nineteenth century by the addition of a cast-iron verandah.

Where: 1 Swellengrebel Street

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Old Boys School.jpg

Old Boy's High School 

Built: 1825

Info: This H-shaped house is situated was buildt by Jacobus Wessel van Dijk in 1825. He was a well-known wainwrights of Swellendam.

Where: 147 Voortrek Street

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Buffeljags Sugar Bridge

Built: 1846

Info: It is said that molasses was used as binding agent for the Gypsum Bedding + Grouting of the Stonework Cladding - hence the nickname of “Sugar Bridge”.

Where: Buffeljagsvier

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Suurbraak Kerk 2.jpg

Suurbraak Mission Church

Built: 1835

Info: Before Suurbraak was established as a mission station in 1809, it was occupied by the indigenous Attaqua people who called the settlement "Xairu".....

Where: Suurbraak

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Letty's Bridge

Built: 1877

Info: Thomas Bain built a stone bridge over the Gats River when constructing Tradouw Pass. It was washed away in 1875 and replaced with a teak bridge....

Where: Tradouw Pass

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Barrydale Church

Built: 1877

Info: Before the church was built, the dominee used to ride by horseback from Swellendam to deliver his services in a farm outhouse....

Where: Bain Street, Barrydale

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Malgas Church.jpg

Malgas Church 

Built: 1856

Info: The Dutch Reformed Church was built in 1856 and is still in use today. Reverend Keet became the teacher in Malagas in 1855 and it was under his guidance that....

Where: Malgas

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