Infanta is often referred to as a ‘sleepy little town’. It was founded in 1819 during a time of severe drought when its creator, Joseph Barry, transported rice and maize from Cape Town up into the Breede River mouth. Infanta takes its name from Cape Infanta several kilometres to the south, and from its situation on the Breede River. The cape was in turn named after captain João Infante, who commanded one of Bartolomeu Dias's caravels.

Infanta sits on the Western side of the Breede River and Witsand on the other. If you do not use the Malgas Ferry, you will have to drive all the way to Swellendam to reach the one, travelling from the other. The area is surrounded by hills swathed in fynbos that are a call to many a traveller, as they represent, together with the undisturbed beach front, a nature lover’s escape. The rocky shoreline is great for fishing and surfing as well as paddle boarding and kite surfing. The biggest bonus is to see how many whales frequent this coastline during the whale season.

Starting at the Infanta slipway, the Infanta to Moddergat walking route offers an interesting hike along the beach and riverside. Walk form Infanta slipway along the riverbank until you reach the slipway at Moddergat.

From here you can visit Sijnn Wines (32km), Malgas Ferry (30km), Koppie Alleen at De Hoop Nature Reserve (60km) or Swellendam (75km). You will be driving on gravel roads in this area. The gravel roads are great to explore on a gravel bike or mountain bike as well as motor bike.