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Malgas Church

The Dutch Reformed Church was built in 1856 and is still in use today. Reverend Keet became the teacher in Malagas in 1855 and it was under his guidance that the church was planned and built. The architect and master builder of the Malagas church was Jacob Taljaard. A building commission was formed and member Hendrik Geldenhuys played a major roll in raising funds. Thomas Barry who funded the project agreed to write off half the outstanding funds of £800 on the completion of the church. The tragic sinking of the Kadie in November 1865 tolled the death knoll for Malgas. The church was nearly destroyed during the “Great Flood” of 1906 which saw water 2 meters deep flooding the church. The pulpit Bible, cloth and valuable antiques were destroyed.

Weddig Malgas Church
Malgas Weddings Church
Malgas Wedding Church