Masbieker’s Kloof

Tucked away in the heart of Swellendam is the Masbieker’s Kloof. About two hundred years ago, slaves who came from Mozambique to Swellendam were set free and found a safe haven in a little hideaway on the fringe of town. Today we call that place Masbiekerskloof. Forgotten for decades, this historic Kloof has been resurrected as a community initiative. The Masbieker’s Valley Project aims to create an indigenous forest walk, dotted with environmental sculpture.  A place where locals can walk their dogs, tourists can visit and nature lovers enjoy the outdoors on their doorstep.

There was training (by Strijdom van der Merwe) and an invitation to all the local schools to take part in an ENVIRONMENTAL SCULPURE COMPETITION. You can now view these creations in the Masbieker's Kloof environmental sculpture park - an art space that uses only what we find and only what will return to the earth. The first 'artwork' is the 2km path that winds through the valley allowing exploration and immersion. 

The Masbieker's Valley Project is the start of an indigenous green belt in the heart of Swellendam, a place of beauty for everyone!

If you would like to get involved you could:

1) Walk the walk

2) Plant or sponsor a tree

3) Like the Facebook page


You can contact Andrew Hofmeyr:

Mobile: 063 113 2254

Email: andrewjameshofmeyr(at)

Facebook:  link

Website:  link




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