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Bukkenburg Pottery Studio

Doing Pottery in Swellendam as part of a morning class or weekend course at Bukkenburg Pottery Studio is not something that David advertises. I am unsure why not, because he is so good at it. As a parent it is wonderful to see the joy on your kid's faces.

So contact David and ask if he can accommodate your request. When asking David if you can come for a pottery class, consider it like asking La Sosta or Field and Fork for a pizza - they can do it, but it is not on the menu.

Contact David well in advance and ask if it would be possible to do a pottery class or pottery weekend at his studio. They conduct various types of courses and workshops. The workshops and courses cover all aspects of the art of high temperature, reduction-fired pottery and they are able to tailor a workshop to any group’s particular interest or requirements. Their spacious and well-equipped studio allows them to accommodate groups of up to eight people at a time. 

Note: Participant's age can vary from 5 to 85 years old - but David is not a baby sitter, he is a world class potter. So if you bring your kids for a class, you need to be present.

David Schlapobersky has been working in the tradition of high temperature, reduction-fired pottery (stoneware and porcelain) since 1973. This studio is always open if you want to view their art. Ring the bell at the gate or phone to avoid disappointment.


ALWAYS OPEN - ring bell at gate

Bukkenburg Pottery Studio Swllendam
Bukkenburg Pottery Studio Swllendam