The Gin Republic



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The Republic

It is with great joy that we can announce that the Swellendam Republic of 1795 exists once more. 

Here we aim to make everyone feel welcome, where we celebrate the rich diversity that makes South Africa great. The Republic Restaurant is located opposite the Drostdy, in the historical heart of Swellendam.

We offer gin tastings, craft beer, coffee, burgers, pizza, a few South African dishes and a kiddies menu - something for everyone. Free wi-fi, plug points and long table enables you to spend some time on the internet. You can watch the rugby, cricket etc here! Underneath the old Oak trees are where friendships are born and strengthened. The Republic is for one and all.

Gin, Stories, Local Information, Events, Historical Artifacts, Craft Beer, Fantastic Promotions...
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Bicycle Friendly

Wi-Fi available

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