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Ronnie's Sex Shop

No, you will not get sex here. Ronnie's Sex Shop is the result of a friendly prank. This fun pub has become a regular pit-stop on the R62 in the Klein Karoo for bikers, local farmers and just about anyone in the area.

If you don't believe the notion that ‘sex sells' then this small pub in the Karoo will definitely prove you wrong. The story goes that Frank Ronald (Ronnie) Price bought a tiny farmer's cottage on a remote section of the R62. His aim was to open a farm stall, selling fresh produce to the passing trade. He painted the name ‘Ronnies Shop' on the side of the building, but business didn't get off to a cracking good start.

Then one day, his friends decided for a laugh, they would add the word ‘Sex' to the name, making it read ‘Ronnies Sex Shop'. Pretty soon this irresistible sign brought in loads of passers-by, and Ronnie's initial irritation was transformed as he began to see the business opportunity his establishment's newfound popularity presented. On the advice of these very same friends, Ronnie opened a pub... and the rest, as they say, is history.

Today Ronnie's Sex Shop is one of the most popular route 62 pubs and bikers, travellers and holidaymakers make a point of popping into Ronnie's for a pint or two, something to eat and a photograph of themselves next to the ‘Ronnies Sex Shop' sign. You can also get something to eat.

Photo by Would be Traveller