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Baking Sourdough Bread

When I started farming in 2008 I often wondered what it was like to farm 50 years ago. One of the stories that I have heard about "the good old days" was that of Aartappel Suurdeeg - which translates into Sourdough. In "the good old days" it was the farmer's wife doing the baking. But this is not the old days any more :) So I set out on a journey to find the secret to baking this bread. After searching to the ends of the internet I found the answer farming 17km (40minutes on the mountain bike) from me. This farmer is now one of my best friends and all the bread in our house is home baked.

Eureka Mills is locally sourced Unbleached Stone Ground Flour.

Future posts will have more detail on this process and starting of your own sourdough starter.

Recipe for two breads:

730g Water @ 30C

270g Sourdough starter

200g Broun Bread Flour

800g White Bread Flour

12g salt


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