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Plaat east - hiking in Marloth

Great day of hiking in Maloth. Me and my wife left our two boys with my parents and went to hike the Plaat in Marloth. There is more than one way to hike the Plaat. You can start from either side and there is a short cut down the middle. We opted to start at the Berg street side, go anti-clockwise and use the short cut.

It was nice to meet another local along the route. He was busy with a Trail Run session and we mentioned the Marloth Mountain Challenge to him.

There are swimming pools along the route. One bottle of water was enough for me and my wife, but on a hot day you might need another. If you want to take children younger than 7 years old along, make it a day trip and good luck.

Here is today's hike: Plaat East

Started walking: 8:30

Flatter section of Plaat: 9:20

Downhill section: 10:00

Back at the bakkie: 11:00

Total Time: 2:30

Food: 750ml water, 2 small packets of chips, some raisins

Distance: +- 7km with 430m of climbing

My mother dropped off our boys at the Old Gaol Coffee Shop/Restaurant before going to play golf. Old Gaol is situated right next to the Moederkerk (apparently the most photographed church in South Africa) and famous for their Roosterkoek. Old Gaol is child friendly with a playing area in the back. They are also Bicycle friendly. Outside and Inside seating available. This is inside the Old Quarter.

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