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Art exhibition at Umshanti

Today's combination of venue and art resulted in a hard-to-beat experience. The owners of Umshanti hosted an art exhibition by Else du Plessis. The journey started with snacks and drinks on the Umshanti river cruise and led to an art exhibition in the forest at the foot of the Langeberg Mountains. The river cruise moved upriver to where a artwork could be seen on a sand bank in the middle of the river. The cruise then stopped on the river bank, at the start of a pathway leading you into the forest. Along the route you could view the artist's work. The route led back to the river cruise, which took everyone back to Umshanti.

Even when you are not staying at Umshanti you can book the River Cruise. It takes you from the Umshanti accommodation to a cove which is one of the sources of water supply to the Buffeljags dam. Here you can braai on the River Cruise and swim in the cove. Words cannot describe this experience.

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