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Sulina's Faerie Sanctuary

Do you believe in faeries? Even if you don't, a visit to this special place in Swellendam will make you want to believe in them. When you arrive at the front gate you are welcomed with a friendly and inviting rainbow colored sign surrounded by lush growing bushes and trees - almost "hidden", like the entrance to a magical place that has been here forever. And even though I grew up in Swellendam, I cannot remember a time that the faeries of Sulina's had not been here......

As you enter through the front gate you are greeted by a life-size faerie (doll) and guided along a magical path with faeries, gnomes, dwarfs, dragons etc. This will lead you to an area which is great for children to run around and play, with more than one jungle gym and a seesaw. Even though there are still faeries etc in this area, the "theme" is a little different and your children can run around more freely without hurting a faerie. There is a very tidy restroom in the play area with human sized toilets.

After resting in the play area you can walk into the section of the garden that I enjoyed the most. The artistry of the faerie-folk you see here are something to behold. By this time you will start forgetting that you are in Swellendam and start believing that you are in a hidden faerie forest. Luckily this forest provides coffee and tee. This is not done in coffee-shop style but more in a self-serve way, in a beautifully unique setting.

If you grew up in South Africa you will know who Dawie the kabouter (dwarf) is. He use to sing a song with a bit that goes something like: "wees saggies as jy stap, jy kan dalk op my trap." If you have children with you, they will enjoy every second of it, but make sure they do not run in the areas outside the "play area". Our boys had to be reminded of this constantly. It would be terrible if they accidentally stepped on Dawie the dwarf. This does not reduce the experience, but rather adds to the quiet faerie forest atmosphere.

At the end of your journey you will enter the shop area where they have hundreds (if not thousands) of different hand crafted faeries to choose from. These faeries are not only form Sulina's but from all over, each with their own unique features and dimensions. Ian Sulin is a creative potter and sculptor as well. My wife bought a beautiful milk jug for coffee and tee - hope the faeries (or Ian's skill) keep it from spilling.

When it comes to believing in faeries I might be a skeptic, but if they do exist - you are sure to find them at Sulina's Faerie Sanctuary.

Sulina's Faerie Sanctuary

If you do not have children, is it worth a visit: Yes

Do they have a jungle gym and play area: Yes

Do they have a restroom: Yes

Can you buy gifts and souvenirs: Yes

Do they have coffee and tee: Yes.

Do they only sell faeries: No other pottery and art available as well.

Entrance Fee: Grownups R20 each, Children under 13 R10 each Do Faeries exist: At Sulina's they do.


Wednesdays to Saturdays from 9am -4:30pm

Sundays from 10am - 4pm


Mondays, Tuesdays, Christmas and New Year's day

(Open 7 days a week during school holidays)

Play area:

More Faeries and some Coffee:


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