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Suurbraak is located just east of Swellendam along the N2 highway and the R324, at the southern end of the Tradouw Pass. When you travel through the Tradouw Pass you will reach Barrydale.

Suurbraak is also called Zuurbraak and Xairu – a tiny village with 3 names! “Xairu” is the name given by the Attequa tribe who lived in the area before European settlement. “Xairu” means “beautiful” or “paradise” in the Xairu language. Suurbraak is considered one of the most beautiful towns in the Western Cape.

The village was established in 1812, when the London Missionary Society established a mission station to serve the Attaqua Khoikhoi. Visitors can visit the mission station as well as the original church.



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