Suurbraak Mission Church




Suurbraak Mission Church

This quaint village nestles in a valley at the foot of the Langeberg Mountains. Before Suurbraak was established as a mission station in 1809, it was occupied by the indigenous Attaqua people who called the settlement "Xairu" - "a place of beauty".


The London Mission Society established a station here in 1809 and the cottages were built by those who accepted Christianity. The first missionary was a person called Seidenfaden, invited there by Hans Moos, the leader of the local Attequas. The church was built around 1835. Slaves settled here after emancipation. The first church, parsonage, school, old houses and buildings around the village square have been restored and are in use, as is the Anglican church. All are situated on the main road through the town.

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