Swellendam Trails



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Swellendam Trails

The Swellendam Trails are open! After 2 years of dedicated hard work and planning by the Swellendam Municipality Manager, Anton Groenewald and his team, Swellendam has a top class trail network. The Swellendam Trails are the property of the Swellendam Municipality - one of the only such cases in the whole of South Africa. These trails were made possible by the Western Cape Government, Swellendam Municipality, Swellendam Cycle Club, Petrichor Adventures and many others. We are grateful to everyone that contributed to this team effort. Let us all appreciate and protect these trails.
The maps below are only to serve as a guide to sections of the official Swellendam Trail layout. Please follow the official routes as indicated on official Swellendam Trail Route Markings and Boards. In the future I will ride and map the different official Swellendam Trail routes that are currently indicated on the official signboards.
Cost to ride: FREE - no permit needed.
Other Trail Users: Greet fellow trail users with a wave & a smile - it cost nothing but says everything.
Horses: Approach horses with care, respect and space - they spook easily.
No smoking, lighting a fire or littering on the trails: Leave no trace. The only evidence of your visit should be the photos you take.
Report bad behaviour: If you see people not abiding by the rules - please report them.
The use of these trails is a privilege not a right.
Emergencies: 028 514 3990  or  SAPS: 028 514 8100
If you use these trails you do so at your own risk.
For any official info on the Swellendam Trails: 028 514 8500

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