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Ride to Duiwelsbos


Distance = 12.6km

Climb = 351m

Note = This route is not marked. It is a short distance on non-technical gravel roads - but there is still a lot of climbing.


Start your ride at the Drostdy, close to all the coffee shops. The first bit is uphill - but do not turn around. You will enter Marloth Nature Reserve via the main gate, there is a entrance fee of R50. You will then follow the route that the vehicles use to reach Duiwelsbos. The scenes of the mountain are breathtaking. 

Distance from Drostdy to Duiwelsbos = 6.3km, therefore total riding is 12.6km. If you start riding at Marloth Nature Reserve main entrance the total distance to Duiwelsbos and back will be 8km.

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